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Uppdatering av forumplattformen


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  • 2 months later...

Hej igen!

Vill bara meddela att jag uppdaterat Eforum till senaste versionen idag. Det var två maintenance-uppdateringar som mest innehöll buggfixar och liknande. Klistrar in en lista på några av fixarna nedan.



  • Added back the ability to search personal messages by recipient and sender name, and removed the 365 day limit on results.
  • Added support for more explicit browser autofill on form fields.
  • Upgraded CKEditor to 4.12.1.
  • Improved the page speed for guests by not loading the editor or notification sound javascript libraries until they are needed.
  • Improved performance when sending Digests.
  • Improved reporting of Redis memory usage in support area.
  • Improved performance when using the database for common data storage.
  • Improved the accuracy of the progress bar on the 'Deleting moved original files' background process.
  • Changed notification read/unread status to behave as it did prior to 4.4.4.
  • Clarified the "Domains to instruct search engines to follow" setting description and improved the setting to strip http:// and https:// protocols from supplied values.
  • Fixed account failed logins not correctly locking future login attempts in some cases.
  • Fixed status updates not importing properly when an account is linked to multiple social logins.
  • Fixed some server error messages not showing.
  • Fixed certain notification and digest emails not sending properly via cron.
  • Fixed potential browser errors and warnings caused by notification sounds.
  • Fixed pagination not loading correctly when searching within messenger.
  • Fixed an issue where comment counts are decremented incorrectly when a Post Before Registering comment is cancelled.
  • Fixed an issue where the mobile keyboard would not be hidden after submitting the search form.
  • Fixed issues that can occur (such as the editor not loading) when browser local storage is unavailable.
  • Fixed an issue where profile completion could cause a fatal error when using custom forum themes.
  • Fixed an issue where single status update links had the wrong canonical URL.
  • Fixed a possible error when mentioning someone or using a custom emoticon in a post.
  • Fixed an issue where Elastic Search may not update records correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where user profiles may be slow to load.
  • Fixed some styling (spacing) issues with the right-hand column shown on the Clubs homepage.
  • Fixed an issue pasting certain code into editor code boxes.
  • Fixed some old URL patterns (from IP.Board 3.x) no longer redirecting to the new URL format as of 4.4.x.
  • Fixed a niche issue that can occur when using lazyload, image proxy and external file storage.
  • Fixed a styling issue with profile completion on mobile.
  • Fixed a broken link in the report center.
  • Fixed an issue where the poll form wouldn't add an empty first question.
  • Fixed an issue where sort buttons can overlap pagination.
  • Fixed an issue where personal conversations may show a 'promote' button to members with permission to promote content.
  • Fixed an issue where the spoiler header within a post can get doubled up when selecting text within the post in certain cases.
  • Fixed an issue where the image aspect ratio setting was not set correctly when editing images.
  • Fixed an issue where search options may show for items that are not searchable.
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to be stuck in a position where a poll could not be re-opened. 
  • Added support for MySQL 8.
  • Improved security headers on error pages.
  • Changed the "Who follows this" page to instruct bots not to index the page for SEO purposes.
  • Moved the Club Members Box to the sidebar when the club information are shown in the sidebar.
  • Fixed an error visiting the full notifications screen when the user has no notifications.
  • Fixed an issue where old messenger links may not redirect correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where new comment notifications can show an incorrect read status.
  • Fixed club sorting preference being lost when navigating to another page of clubs.
  • Fixed attachments not being properly claimed when added to a Staff Directory member entry.
  • Fixed an issue where reordering social profiles may not show the reordered list after saving without reloading the page.
  • Fixed a potential error when an invalid sort parameter is passed in to certain pages.
  • Fixed an issue where certain tables of data may show an incorrect number of pages when filtering the table.
  • Fixed the Leaderboard popular content inconsistency when using ElasticSearch.
  • Fixed an issue where Pages blocks wouldn't show in the configuration form when using the block manager.
  • Fixed an issue where creating a club feature could result in a DB exception.
  • Fixed broken ACP tables on Internet Explorer 11.
  • Fixed an issue where Status Posts couldn't be deleted.
  • Fixed an issue where 0B may be displayed in place of the real Redis maximum memory amount on the support overview page.
  • Fixed an issue where using REDIS as session storage would return the wrong members for the online list.
  • Fixed an issue with lazy-loading where images with a custom aspect ratio set did not honor the ratio after loading.
  • Improved the performance of the Unarchive task.
  • Fixed an issue where posts from ignored members were visible if the author was in a highlighted group.
  • Fixed an issue where archive settings could be saved with no more than or less than selection.





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    Jag fick inaktivera en cache-funktion nu på morgonen som tyvärr inte fungerade så bra efter uppdateringen. Om ni märkte att forumet gick långsamt under kvällen var det därför.

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    52 minuter sedan, skrev felix:

    Om ni märkte att forumet gick långsamt under kvällen var det därför.

    Kom inte in alls kring 19.30 utan fick ett felmeddelande efter en lång väntan.

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