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bf1942 server bakom en dl-804


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Är det någon här som kan hjälpa mig att starta en bf1942 server bakom en dl-804?


tacksam för er hjälp.





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Är det någon här som kan hjälpa mig att starta en bf1942 server bakom en dl-804?


En sökning på hemsidan ger inte så mycket mer än informationen om vilka portar som måste vara öppna för att man skall kunna ansluta till en server. Gissningsvis måste samma portar vara öppna på servern. Jag citerar från EAs hemsida:



I'm getting a "Failed to Connect" message when trying to join multiplayer servers.



This message could occur either from a Firewall blocking connectivity or by trying to connect to an incompatible server.


Make sure that the latest patch for the game is installed. Download this from http://www.battlefield1942.com. Then make sure that the server you are connecting to is running the same version of the game as you. In the lower left of the Internet games list there is an arrow. Click this to bring up the information for the currently selected server. This will tell you what version of the game the server is.


Next make sure that any firewall software is disabled and if using a hardware firewall or router that it is properly configured and is not preventing outgoing requests from your network.


You need to enable port 14567 on your router, and DMZ hosting. This should allow you to view games online.


Allow UDP Port 14567

Allow UDP Port 14690

Allow UDP 22000 (This is only for LAN games, and used by computers on the same network)

Allow UDP range 23000-23009

# GameSpy Master Server UDP Heartbeat:

Allow UDP Port 27900

# GameSpy Master Server List Request:

Allow TCP Port 28900


Lycka till!





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