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AMD XP 2700+


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According to some Taiwanese sources, AMD will officially reveal its Athlon XP 2700+ processor on the 7th of October. This CPU is the first to implement 333MHz system bus on Athlon platform. It is expected that the novelty will be based on the latest Thoroughbred core stepping 1, just like the current Athlon XP 2400+ and 2600+, and will work at 2.17GHz.


The new and faster processor bus will give substantial performance boost to Athlon XP CPUs. It is also quite clear that since PC2700 (DDR333) DDR SDRAM now becomes very popular among Socket A platforms, improved processors will also make use of increased memory bandwidth.


As it was reported earlier, VIA KT400, NVIDIA nForce2 and SiS746 series of chipsets will definitely support the up and coming AMD processors with 333MHz FSB. Some VIA KT333 powered mainboards will also allow users to install the new CPUs, however, not a lot of vendors guarantee this feature for their products.


Unfortunately, we have no information regarding pricing or availability of the actual devices to share with you.



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Tyvärr tror jag inte det kommer "räcka till" för att ta över ledningen som Intel just nu har - men det är ypperligt att det finns fler som är uppe i toppen och slåss, det vinner vi som gillar hårdvara på - priserna sjunker och vi behöver inte betala lika mycket!




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