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felmeddelande vid programstart


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Hej! Jag får upp ett felmeddelande när jag ska starta ett program och det står kernel debugger must be deactivate. Är det någon som vet vad man ska göra?

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Här tror jag det finns en lösning men den verkar väldigt invecklad och osäker.

Okay, I have had all kinds of errors with the new 4.03 version of DT during this last whole week of trial and error testing. The errors I haven't been able to correct, and so I see most of you have failed to correct too, I have now corrected. Only took me five reinstalls of Windows Server 2003 EE...

I have here, the EXACT, PROVEN solution to the kernel debugger error message AND the "Failed to oped config key" errors!

This guide is for Windows XP and all the way up to Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition. (Let me know if it works on Windows 2000 too).

The legal stuff:
I accept no responsibility whatsoever for the damages done to peoples software/hardware during the use of this guide... bla bla bla

Okay, here goes:
1. Boot into safe mode (Make sure to press ESC when/if it asks you if you want to load the SPTD.SYS driver!)
2. Go into your "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS" and delete the SPTD.SYS -and- the SPTDxxxx.SYS (Where xxxx being a random number that varies from computer to computer).

Okay, now it gets tricky:
3. Open up your Registry Editor and do a search for "sptd".
4. When found, delete them. You will find keys you cannot delete. You have to change the permissions on those keys, to allow administrators (notice the "s" at the end of "administrator") to change them, in order to be able to delete them. (Seems logical, right?).

The method to change permissions:
1. Rightclick the "sptd" key and select "Permissions..."
2. In the "Security" tab that has now opened, you will see the list of users that have access to this registry key and it's sub-keys. Click on "Advanced".
3. In this window you need to make sure that the "Allow inheritable permissions from the parent to propagate to this object and all child objects. Include these with entries explicitly defined here." is NOT enabled.
4. Now select the users in the list you see before you and press "Remove". Now press "Apply".
5. Press "Add..." in that same window.
6. In the "Select User or Group" window you press "Avanced" and after that, press "Find Now".
7. You will now see the list of available users on your computer. Here you select "Administrators", (Still with the "s" in the end of "Administrator"), and press "OK".
8. Okay, back in the "Select User or Group" window you also press "OK". (Notice that there is now a user in the list at the bottom of the window called "<ourcomputername>\Administrators").
9. Now, we're back in the "Advanced Security Settings" window in the "Permissions" tab. Select the "Owner" tab.
10. Select the "Administrators" user and enable the "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects" option. Press "Apply".
11. Select the "Effective Permissions" tab.
12. In this tab you press "Select..." and repeat step 6-8. Now you should see "Administrators" in the "Group or user name:" box.
13. Press "OK".

Back to the main part of the guide:
5. Repeat step 1-13 for every single key you find by searching for "sptd", that you are unable to delete normally.
6. Reboot your Windows into normal (un-safe? :P ) mode and install DT 4.03 following normal installation procedures.

That's it!

If you have any questions, feel welcome to ask me here in this thread.

(On a personal note, I can say that I have gained a much deeper understanding of the Windows Registry during this week of trying to get SPTD installed. So it ain't all bad :P ).

Länken till forumet:


Istället för det här kan du prova att installera om programet om  du inte redan har gjort det.

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