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Startup problem


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I have a HP Pavillion 471.se computer with Windows XP Home edition installed. I installed an extra hard drive sometime last summer and have not encountered any problems until a few days ago. When starting the PC, it crashes after the Windows XP startup screen appears. A blue screen appeared saying that it needs to check the filesystem on D: and the filesystem is of type FAT32. It says that this is recommended and after a 10 second count down performs the check. The results does not find any problems and then it taked me to a black and white screen giving me different modes of starting the PC. I have tried all possible modes and the PC just keeps going through the same blue screen followed by the black and white screen.

Today, I decided to remove the extra hard drive I had installed and when starting the PC, I came to the BIOS screen due to the change in the configuration, I pressed F10 to save and exit and then the PC goes to the black and white screen with different start modes. Again, I have tried all modes and the PC just shuts down and start again and returns to the black and white screen.

I have data on my hard drive that I do wish to lose, any ideas on how I can fix the problem would be greatly appreciated.


P.S. -- It is ok to respond in Swedish, I am quite good at reading Swedish.


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I guess Your Windows installation has been corrupted for some reason. It can also be the BIOS settings that are invalid. The fact that You get the Windows startup scrren indicates a corrupt Windows.


In the black and white screen You probably have an option start in "felsäkert läge" (it's a rather long time since I used this last time). With that option You should be able to backup Your data.


It's of interest to find out the reason for the error. What happend before the error occurred? Do You have virus protection. The first action perhaps should be to clean the machine from viruses?


It's possible You have to repair Windows. Look in Your HP documentation. There You should instructions for how to run the Windows installation. You probably have got a pair of disks for recovery.


BEVARE! DO NOT make a full recovery or restore of Windows. That will erase everything in the computers C:-disk.


Instead, You shall find out how to start the Windows installation, where You have a REPAIR option. This normally reinstalls files in Windows that have been destroyed.

After a repair You have to run Windows Update. The repair may have destroyed earlier updates.


Good luck!



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