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Hur spelar man upp denna fil?


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Jag vet att man kan spela upp .pls filer i Winamp men finns det inget annat program eller hellst nåt plugin till Windows Media Player som kan hantera .pls filer så man kan lyssna på webradio?


AMD Duron 1,2 Ghz 256 MB 20 + 80 GB GeForce 4 MX440 64 MB


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testa detta:

[util] Open PLS Playlist in Windows Media Player

Some web radio stations (like the super cool SomaFM) only offer PLS playlists, and Windows Media Player doesn't support PLS playlists even though they're about the simplest file imaginable.


I whipped up a simple app (OpenPlsInWM) that parses the stream url out of a PLS file and shells out to WMP, so if you associate PLS files with OpenPlsInWM it'll seem like Windows Media Player decided to play nice with PLS files.


It's working pretty well for me. If the stream is interrupted you may have to kill WMP and click the PLS link again - it doesn't seem to restart as well as with ASX streams. YMMV.

Du kan hitta det här:





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