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Någon som vet hur man gör en .scf fil? te.x skrivbordet.scf så ser man skrivbordet när man klickar på D? (poäng)






LiTe HjäLp TaCk


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Stefan Eklinder

Något i stil med det här du söker:




A few of you have written to me about a missing Show Desktop icon. This icon usually sits in your Quick Launch Toolbar. It's pretty handy when you need quick access to your Desktop. A single click on the Show Desktop button minimizes all the Windows at once. Very convenient when you have 10 windows open at the same time! If your Show Desktop button has disappeared, try this:


1. Open Notepad and enter the following:


     IconFile=explorer.e x e,3 (no spaces in the e x e)


2. Click the File menu and then click Save. Click the Desktop button on the left side of the Save As dialog box. In the File name text box, type "Show Desktop.scf" (WITH the quotes) and then click Save.


3. Close Notepad.


You'll see the new shortcut on the desktop. Just drag it to the Quick Launch bar and you're in business!



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