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Jag kom in nu men deras villkor tycker jag inte verkar vara något vidare:


Q) Why do I have to pay?

A) There is a small registration fee because there are costs associated to run this website. Such as development, maintenance, hosting, and staff. The fee we are asking is inconsequential when you see how much information we provide. The fee we ask, furthermore, is just a one-time fee.


Q) What do I get after I pay?

A) After we receive your registration payment you will be given access to the members area of our website which contains many links to other websites/companies were you can go and get paid to give your opinions. You should bookmark this page as the links are updated regularly.


Q) Who pays me and how will I receive payment?

A) After you register with us you will be given a list of companies who pay you for your opinion. You will be dealing directly with those companies and they will pay you by either check, Paypal or wire transfer. You can be from any country, provided you can understand the language in the surveys, which is usually English, although once in awhile, a company will seek surveys in other languages.


Q) Who pays the taxes?

A) You are considered an independent contractor and no taxes are taken out of your paycheck, therefore you are responsible to pay and handle your own taxes. Please contact your local tax office to find out more information about being an independent contractor.


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