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Java och C# till BeOS Zeta

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yellowTAB is on the road of providing a Java and a C# support on Zeta. The project started some months ago and the result are already promising.


In order to succesfully port J2EE v1.4.2 and Mono/portable.net, we had to add functionalities that BeOS never had. Memory management and network are the main black spot of BeOS for such porting, so we had to fix that.


Some posix functions were added in the system, and new libraries and tools appeared, for example:


glib2, pk-config,libgettext, libintl and libiconv. Why do you need Java & C#? It's legitimate to ask ourself why, the answer is quite simple.


Zeta is not a dead OS, it can and has to support such platforms instead of being stuck with the lack of OpenOffice, Eclipse and other killer apps.


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