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IP adress på en HP LaserJet 5

Patrik Iden

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Jag har en HP Laser Jet 5 som jag vill konfigurera så att den får ett fast IP nummer. Men när jag använder displayen på skriven så går det inte alls att konfigurera i någon av menyerna som finns.

Använder mig av HP Jet Admin på en WinNT4.

Vad skall jag göra??

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The HP JetAdmin software provides a single, centralized, easy-to-

use graphical interface to administer the entire HP network of

peripherals (printers, scanners, copiers, and plotters) in all

supported network environments (Novell NetWare 3.1x/4.x, Windows

NT, and IBM LanServer).


HP JetAdmin allows the administrator to name a printer or a

scanner, setup the network parameters, define reachable network

addresses for printers, monitor the peripheral's status, retrieve

logging/usage information and more, all integrated into a single



Different functionality is enabled or disabled based on the

network permissions of the user who is running HP JetAdmin and

depending on the applicable printer.





* Set up a new print server and printer.


* Change an existing printer configuration.


* Select which printers are shown in the printer list.


* Choose the order in which the printers are displayed in the

printer list.


* For Token Ring, select locally administered addressing.


* For TCP/IP, select the IP address, default gateway, and

subnet mask.


* Verify the printer status and capabilities.


* Remotely select printer default settings including media

type, the number of copies, page orientation, printer

resolution, Resolution Enhancement (Ret), print density, and



* Control printer error handling including PostScript ® Jam

Recovery, Clearable Warnings, and Auto Continue.


* Lock out the HP LaserJet's printer control panel or enable

password protection.


* View network diagnostic information.


* Reset the HP JetDirect print server.


* Create shared printers on the server.





* View and delete your own print jobs.


* View printer and print server status.



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