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Excel till PDF


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excellark till pdf

Använd Adobe Acrobat ! ....pdf writer



Den som ler när något gått fel, har redan kommit på vem han skall skylla på.


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installera en postscript skrivare ex.

Apple LaserWriter 16/600 PS, när du sedan skriver ut så väljer du utskrift till fil. Denna postscriptfil kan man konvertera till pdf med ghostscript


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Testade att ladda ned den fria versionen från software602.


Visade sig doock vara lite svår att installera...

This is actually a bug in our installer software that was affecting a very small minority of users. Our developers are currently implementing the fix given to us by the installer application vendor. In the meantime, you can download the binary again and save it to your c: drive (not in a directory, just to your root c:\ drive).

When the download is complete, click Start and select Run, then type in the




c:\pcs2001.exe -a -deleter



..and click OK. This should launch the setup program and it should work this








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