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cmdcons på en NT4


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Kan vara bra...:?!



The Windows 2000 media comes with a recovery console, accessible by booting from the CD and then selecting the recovery options. What you may not be aware of, is that this tool can be used to fix NT 4.0 installations. Our IT department recently had the opportunity to test this feature.




Our NT 4.0 installation was not bootable due to disk corruption. We booted to the Windows 2000 recovery console using a Windows 2000 Server CD. Once logged into the NT 4.0 installation, we were then able to run 'chkdsk' to repair the system volume. You are also able to disable errant services at this time if a service is causing you problems. We were then able to boot back into NT and roll back the new RAID controller driver that was causing the corruption.


One quick side note -- you can install the recovery console on an NT 4.0 installation from the Windows 2000 media. Just run WINNT32.exe/cmdcons.

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