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10 reasons why I HATE/LIKE Microlost Winblows


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1. Hidden costs!.Damn I thought IIS was for free,.. no no no give me the money!

2. "Severe error: contact your administrator". Damn!, that's me!

3. Blue Screen of death!

4. Light backup(Veritas), light defrag(Diskkeeper), light AD(Novell NDS), light desktop (Apple)

5. Buy the New Winblows 2003, including mouse shadow!

6. Killuall Basic and the family including ActiveXecute

7. For buying Hotmail

8. For winning in Court against Sun, Novell, Netscape

9. "You need to reboot your system"

10. Oh yeah, I nearly forgot! Security updates and open ports



1. User interface! Linux is still after

2. Software packages and compatibility

3. Plug N Play, excluding Windows NT

4. WindowsUpdate and Microsoft website

5. Windows 2000/XP and the family

6. Work and Internet

7. For not removing MS-DOS

8. For making Internet Explore compatible to Dynamic websites (DHTML/CSS/JScript). Shame on Netscape.

9. For giving the E-business a reason not to quit.

10. For not taking on the Linux distribution seriously or as a threat


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