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Asus a7v, funkar med Duron 1.1Ghz?

niklas lundqvist

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niklas lundqvist

skicka frågan till asus:


"Dear Customer:

Thanks for choosing ASUSTeK.

A7V support the following processsors:

Athlon 700 (200Mhz FSB)

Athlon 750 (200Mhz FSB)

Athlon 800 (200Mhz FSB)

Athlon 850 (200Mhz FSB)

Athlon 900 (200Mhz FSB)

Athlon 950 (200Mhz FSB)

Athlon 1000 (200Mhz FSB)

Athlon 1100 (200Mhz FSB)

Athlon 1200 (200Mhz FSB)

Athlon 1300 (200Mhz FSB)

Athlon 1400 (200Mhz FSB)

Duron 650

Duron 700

Duron 750

Duron 800

Duron 850

Duron 900

Duron 950



----- Original Message -----


I bought an Asus A7V last year (not the red box, they yellow)

and now im wondering if the new duron 1.0/1.1 GhZ (they one with thier new core

will work with it.."


ser ut som ett riktigt "cut'n-paste-job", nån som har erfarenheter om hurvida duron 1.1 kommer funka?

har nyaste bios (1009 final)

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