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Twitter - vad menas med en etta vid pratbubblan?

Tomas E

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Det kan betyda att någon har svarat men därefter raderat sitt svar.


« It does mean replies. However, if a reply is deleted after it's posted, the reply itself will disappear, but it will still be counted in the number of replies. For example, if two people reply to your tweet and then one of them deletes their reply, the number next to the speech bubble would be "2" but you would only see one reply.


There are three possible reasons why you might see a "1" but no actual reply:
The reply was deleted
The reply was posted by someone whose tweets are protected
The reply was posted by someone who has since blocked you, or who you've blocked or muted »


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Samtidigt kan man ju undra varför man svarar om ens tweets är skyddade. Ingen idé att svara då ju.


Fast det är klart, man kanske har svarat och efter det ställt in sina tweets som skyddade...

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