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Researchers Use Ambient Light Sensors To Steal Browser Data


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Tom's Researchers Use Ambient Light Sensors To Steal Browser Data


Det blir bara värre o värre  med insamlandet av personliga data som i slutänden också blir en ren säkerhetsrisk.


I slutet på artikeln:

Most troubling is the fact that just last month the Google Chrome team proposed that most sensors, including ambient light sensors, accelerometers, and gyroscopes, should be exempt from the browser permissions system. This means that websites wouldn't be required to seek user permission before accessing the any of the sensors on your device.


Fortunately there is a silver lining: Mitigating this attack is rather easy, as it  requires only the W3C and browser makers to limit the frequency of sensor readings and the precision of sensor output. This wouldn't prevent the attack, but as the report noted, it would make it far more difficult to conduct in real word scenarios.


Huga. :wacko:

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