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Xiaomi Mi5 - något att ha


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Samt: Xiaomi Mi5 Bend Test - Scratch test - Burn test - Durability test

During this video I will scratch the phone with different picks. Each pick has a different material on the tip, that will allow us to find out where the screen falls on Mohs Scale of Hardness. Since this phone has Gorilla Glass 4... it should be predictable on this device.

I will also burn the screen, and finally do the bend test. Which is the ultimate test of durability. Stepping on your phone... sitting on your phone... Keeping your phone in your pants pocket... all of those actions can put stress on your phone causing it to bend or break.


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Tack för länkarna! Recensionerna har jag redan läst men Intressant med böj- och brandtestet...


Vore dock kul med lite input från användare

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