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Tjena detta inlägg ligger säkert fel men men...

Köpte ett par nya hörlurar förra veckan(onsdags) av märket steelseries, Steelseries Siberia Elite prism faktiskt.

Dagen efter märkte jag att min mikrofon hade konstigt klick ljud som dom jag prata med hörde.

Googlade runt lite och kolla och kom fram till att det var ljudkortet som krångla eftersom om jag körde med vanligt 3,5 mm uttag funka det.

Tog kontakt med Steelseries support för var rädd att samma problem skulle vara på andra hörlurar om jag bytte.

Kommer skicka hela min och supportens konversation längre ner.

Så skickade in en RMA som dom kallar det, plus några frågor eftersom jag tyckte det var lite oklart eftersom ljudkortet inte fanns att köpa separat.

Och slutade med att jag fick en kupong kod värde 199,99 euro utan ens har skickat hörlurarna, men fattar jag rätt så har dom bekräftat att hörlurarna har kommit och dom har hittat felet.

Fast dom inte har skickats ens

Ljudkortet som var trasigt finns inte att köpa separat .


Så här ser min och supportens konversation ut:



This ticket has been approved for an RMA!

Your RMA ticket is "visar inte", which is the same as your request #. You should have also now received the full RMA instructions in a separate email. If you did not, it most likely went to spam/junk mail so please check those folders as well. If you do not have the email, please respond and we'll re-post the instructions.

Once we receive your shipment we will provide a coupon code for the value of the product on our webstore, with free shipping. Please be advised that unless otherwise noted, this coupon can be applied to the purchase of any products that are in stock. This means that you can choose to upgrade to a newer model or use this as an opportunity to order additional product with free shipping! We encourage you to reach out with any questions about particular products so we can help you choose :)

Note: To ensure the fastest turnaround time possible, we strongly recommend that after you ship, and know the package has been received on our end, that you respond to the ticket and notify us. Please provide a tracking number and the courier with which you shipped. Unfortunately there are plenty of variables in shipping and receiving which can delay the RMA processing time. SteelSeries is not responsible for packages lost in transit so please make sure to get tracking with your shipment.

Thank you for your patience, cooperation, and most importantly your support of SteelSeries!

Randall B
SteelSeries Support


Jag svarade:

i Recevied the RMA instructions and will send the soundcard as sone as possible. 
But notice at steelseries web store that you cant buy the soundcard from there, so i cant use the coupon code. 
How should i do? 
Or send you a new sound card and I get a discount code also?




Hello Filip,

We are moving your case forward. Within the next 24 hours a coupon code for the value of the product will be provided to fulfill your RMA. This code can be used to purchase any in-stock product on our SteelSeries webstore so you can choose the same product, or use the code as an opportunity to upgrade! Also we urge you to take advantage of the free shipping automatically provided with the SteelSeries RMA code. The free shipping discount automatically applies to all products in your cart, so it's a great opportunity to purchase any additional products you've been considering!

Please keep in mind that your specific product may not be in-stock, but we do our best to keep a comparable model in stock.

Once you receive your SteelSeries RMA coupon code via email, we urge you to do the following:

1) Navigate to: http://steelseries.com/gaming-products

2) Log into your SSID account with which you created this ticket (if you are not already logged in)

3) Decide which product(s) you would like to purchase with your code.. The coupon code will automatically apply to the most expensive product in your cart (unless otherwise specified). Free shipping applies to all products in your cart when the code is activated!

4) Proceed to checkout.

You can expect the web-store coupon code to be provided within the next 24 hours. If you do not hear back from us, please send us a message so we can notify you of any issues.

Randall B
SteelSeries Support


Supporten skicka sen detta:



Here is the webstore coupon code to fulfill your RMA: 
Code:  Tänker inte visa

Value: 199.99 $/€

This coupon code will expire within 60 calendar days and is a one time use code. Once it is used, the remaining value expires and is void.

Once again, please be advised that this coupon can be applied to the purchase of any product(s) that are in stock. This means that you can choose to upgrade to a newer model or use this as an opportunity to order additional products with free shipping!

We now consider your RMA case resolved. If you have any further questions or concerns, please respond within the next 2 days and we'll do our best to assist further!

Randall B
SteelSeries Support


Jag svarade med lite frågor och väntar på svar på dom frågorna:



  • Hey. 
    I am little confused right now, i have not sent the soundcard yet and get a coupon code on 199,99 euro? 
    Should i still send it or order a new pair of headset and throw the old away?And do i send the hole headset with accessories or just the soundcard that are broken?



Lite dålig på engelska kanske men han borde fatta.

Så allstå undrar jag om någon kan förtydliga detta för mig eftersom det är väldigt oklart.

Känns också som det är en bot som svarar mig.

Frågade farsan som har några års mer erfarenhet och han tror så att dom har tänkt att jag ska slänga hörlurarna jag har och beställa nya för rabattkoden.

Och att dom spärrar mitt kvitto så jag inte kan få pengar för gamla hörlurarna

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Okej tack för svar.

Men Steelseries är bland dom segaste och svara så jag har några jurist frågor.

Någon här i forumet borde kunna svsra på dom.

Kan Steelseries begära pengar av mig om jag beställer för rabatten?

Om dom märker att dom inte fått hörlurarna.

Och kan Steelseries spärra kvitton?

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Ingen orsak :)


Kommunens konsumentvägledare vet väldigt mycket om vad som gäller.


Jag vet inte vad du menar med att spärra ett kvitto.

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