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“HPSETUP” in wireless connection manager stops my Wi-Fi Connection working properly


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Jag har exakt samma problem som personen som ställde den här frågan (kopierar hans fråga rakt av eftersom han förklarar problemet bättre än jag kan) Svaren han fick gav mig inte så mycket,är det någon som har nån tanke om man vad man kan göra?


I have a HP G72 Notebook PC and to access internet I use a Wi-Fi connection.

My connection was fine and stayed excellent for a long while.


Now I struggle to get online or I cannot get on line at all.


In my “Internet access” section (Small click Bottom Right of my screen” I can see several other Wi-Fi access point wish always been there and never caused me problems to connect t and access the Web.


None of them are problematic except the one that causing me grief: The Wi-Fi connection “HPSETUP” is there and over rides my usually fine working connection.


It causes my connection to fail and let appear a small “Yellow Triangle” with a small black exclamation point sign in it.


Some time it goes, sometime it stays and as long as it’s there my usual connection is like dead.

Please how do I solve this problem, how do I erase this Wi-Fi connection “HPSETUP” all together.


I do not have a wireless printer and I went true most step by step procedure and troubleshooting to: repair/correct/solve my connection but none of them was useful or working.


Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks



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Den trådskaparen hittade ju själv en lösning.

Se inlägg "06-29-2013 08:39 PM"

Ja, men tyvärr så fungerade inte det för mig

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