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Paste special i PS


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När man väljer i Photoshop "Paste special".

Vad gör egentligen Paste in place och Paste outside?

Har klart för mig vad "Paste inside" gör då man kan klistra in i markering.



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Hittade tyvärr endast på engelska, men det kanske fungerar för dig?

Exempel längre ned på Adobe Help sidan.






Understanding the copy and paste commands


Copies the selected area on the active layer.

Copy Merged

Makes a merged copy of all the visible layers in the selected area.



Pastes a copied selection into another part of the image or into another image as a new layer. If you have a selection, the Paste command places the copied selection over the current selection. Without an active selection, Paste places the copied selection in the middle of the view area.


Paste In Place

If the clipboard contains pixels copied from another Photoshop document, pastes the selection into the same relative location in the target document as it occupied in the source.


Paste Into or Paste Outside

Pastes a copied selection into or outside another selection in any image. The source selection is pasted onto a new layer, and the destination selection border is converted into a layer mask.


[Edit] Jo jag hittade den på svenska: http://help.adobe.com/sv_SE/photoshop/cs/using/WSfd1234e1c4b69f30ea53e41001031ab64-76d5a.html

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