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Voice Chat and World Of Warcraft Issue!

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Hey guys! Ok Im having this problem on a Win7x64 system. If I run any voice chat software while playing WoW, randomly it will start "ticking" once a second. It's like a stutter. The sound and video both stutter together about once per second or slightly faster. This happens randomly while playing. It will continue to the desktop, even after quitting vent and wow. And then continue even in Spotify for a short time and then stop.


The only way I can make my PC do this is by playing WoW and vent at the same time. However it also does it with Teamspek instead of vent. So it doesn't seem specific to vent, just voice chat software.


This is a Win7x64 AMD phenom II x6 system with 16GB of RAM. Passes memtest, recent load of windows, no malware, updated drivers, etc.


It's so frustrating because I can play WoW for hours with no troubles, but as soon as I fire up vent, it starts this problem within 10 minutes.


I've already set it for DirectSound. I've tried numerous different audio devices one at a time. Currently I'm using a Logitech G35 headset but the device doesn't matter as it does it all the same.


I have reeloaded Windows and the exact same problem again. This has actually been my most stable/fast PC ever. I mean it's just solid with 0 other issues.


I'm really running out of ideas here and need to get vent working while WoW is running. Anyone else have any thoughts?



TLDR: Vent works but causes Audio/Video stuttering in WoW randomly. WoW works fine without vent running. Ideas?

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What puzzles me a bit is that you are saying that the problem remains even a while after shutting down Warcraft. That applications might be in conflict while running is one thing, but leaving residual problems...weird. The usual suspect is sound board drivers. What sound board do you have, separate or built in on the motherboard, and in that case what motherboard do you have?


I did a bit of searching and people seem to have stutter issues for various reasons, one seems related to hot key "push to talk", here is a quote I found...might be worth a shot to look into.


"The problem starts when i assign a push to talk key, it didn't make any difference what key it was, mouse or keyboard.


I then disabled "use directInput to detect Hotkey" and it appears to have cured the problem, or at the very least reduced it.."

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