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XBMC - varför inte indexera katalogerna


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Stör mig på att varje gång jag byter katalog på nätverksdisken, så ska programmet läsa in allt och det kan ta typ 2-3 minuter och man t.ex. går in under musik.

Kikar man på en mapp, inser att det var fel, backar tillbaks, så tar det 2-3 min IGEN.

Kan inte programmet minnas något om man ber den?

Den kan få skanna av disken och spara index om den vill, bara det går snabbt när jag vill använda den.....

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Har själv inte pillat mycket alls med XBMC, men lite snabbgoogling och koll i User Guide ger några små tips på inställningar du kan kolla upp:

I'm using XBMSP or SMB to share my music to XBMC, and whenever I go to browse the shared folders it takes a while and presents me with the message scanning media info...what is it doing and is there anyway to remove this scanning?


It is scanning the media files for tag information, so that it can display artist, title, year, genre, album information, as well as any embedded thumbnails. This takes a while over a network connection. You can turn this off completely by disabling ID3 tag reading in Settings->My Music. A better thing to do is to perform a Scan on the folders from My Music. This will store the retreived tag information in the database, allowing you to take advantage of the database views (using the Switch View button). See My Music for more information.



Enabling tag reading will read the tag-information written in every song. This will slow down read time of large directories (particularly over a network), but will give, if properly named, a better description of your music files. If you wish to have the tag information without having to wait for them to load each time, you can “Scan” your songs from My Music:Songs. This will read the tags of all songs in this directory (and it's subdirectories) and add the information to the database (stored in the “albums” folder). Next time you go into that directory, XBMC will first look for the tag information in the database, which should speed up the directory loading.


Search for thumbs on remote shares

[...] can often slow down listing of network folders quite dramatically (particularly if there are many items that have no thumbs), hence the option to turn it off. If you Scan your music collection while this option is on the thumbs are cached locally, and a reference to the thumb is stored in the music Library. This significantly speeds up listings. Turn the option off after the scan if you have many folders/files without associated thumbs.


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