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Har problem med ljudet!


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Jag kopierar in det jag skrev i ett engelsk-språkigt forum då jag inte orkar översätta allt. Jag misstänker att ni forstår ändå .

Here's the deal:

I just built my self a new rig and pretty much everything is working
fine, except the sound. I'm a using Vista Home Premium 64-bits, so I
know this may cause problems, but there must be someway to make it
work. I have an Abit IX38 QuadGT motherboard that supports Realtek

The problem is that I can't listen to music or any sounds from media
players etc, but the "OS sounds" (i.e the "ding" sound when you click
something that is not clickable) are there and I can also hear the
stereo speaker test sound in the Realtek HDA configuration menu.
Although this only works when I plug in my headphones in the back panel
(I/O plate) - in the front panel nothing at all happens, Realtek
doesn't even recognize that I plugged in my headphones.

I checked in BIOS to see that the sound device is enabled, and it is.

I think that either there's a hardware problem, although it seems to
work fine. Or, there's a problem with driver compatibility for my Vista
64-bit OS.

What do you guys think? Have any solutions?


EDIT: Problemet löst! Admin kan ta bort tråden!
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