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NDIS User mode 1/0 Driver (ndisuio.sys) is being contacted from a remote macine


min brandvägg frågar om jag ska tillåta det, jag vet inte om jag ska det??


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Urklipp fr denna sida(man måste vara reg för att se svaret på frågan):


Skulle du vilja reg dig & se detta svar finns det allra sist bland svaren...


"Community Support Moderator @Experts Exchange


Comment from alka1ine

Date: 10/05/2003 08:13PM PDT




I know this is an old topic but that might not be the problem either... My ndisuio.sys was constantly dowloading 2-4k and after time it adds up to a lot. Thats 56k speed downloading all day, every day! I also did a clean install but that was after I was using the cable modem without a decent firewall like Sygate so something must have gotten in and screwed up my ip status from "secure" to "come on all you hackers, lets have some fun". I had to go into safe mode and rename the file and now it doesnt download all day. I still get numerous ping attacks and minor things that the firewall blocks which I assume is all related to my ip getting passed around because it was vulnerable. I still get pinging from all around the world but now I guess the ndisuio.sys file isn't accessable to intruders anymore....not sure if i'll need it one day either.


Comment from pataphysician

Date: 11/29/2003 04:00AM PST




Just in case anyone is still watching this:




I've been looking for an answer for this for ages. Disabling the wireless configuration service stops all of this excess traffic. Doesn't really explain why it was happening in the first place, but at least we know how to kill it now."

Ser alltså ut som det är något ofarligt, men tar tydligen & laddar hem något som ingen verkar veta vad det är...


Mer att läsa :

http://forum.defcon.org/archive/index.php/t-2142.html eller skriv in "NDIS User mode" (inkl fnuttarna) hos google så får du upp hel del mer...

Man ska va som man é,

då man inte vart som man skulle...


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