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Ebates Moe Money Maker


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Hej, jag behöver hjälp med en sak.


Varje gång när jag startar Windows så kommer ett ''felmeddelande'' upp och det står: Java Virtual Machine Launcher, Could not find the main class. Program will exit. ''OK'' jag måste trycka okej varje gång, men vill ha bort det. Det finns även i Lägg till/ ta bort program en fil som heter Ebates Moe Money Maker, Och jag vill ta bort den kommer samma ruta upp som vid uppstarten.


Vore mycket tacksam för hjälp.


Operativsystem: Windows XP Professional.


MVH ] Magnus [


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Guest idgadmin




start -> run -> msconfig. Select Startup tab. You will see a number of programs that would run at startup. One or more of these would have a java requirement, usually indicated at the beginning of "C:\Program Files\..." listed under the Command header. If it's a legitimate program that you accidently deleted (maybe just the ".exe" file that's missing), resinstall it. If it's spyware/adware, note the name of the program, uncheck the box, then hit apply. Restart the machine.


If you really want to eradicate the spyware/adware from your machine, do not restart yet, go to the next step.


Next step: Registry cleaning.

start -> run -> regedit. Then Edit -> Find -> enter the name of the spyware/adware then search. When found, hit Delete key, then Enter (OK). F3 to Find Next, then repeat the delete until you wipe it out. To be safe, do not delete the entire folder, just do the specific reg keys because some may be used by other programs. If you are unsure, don't delete.


I always clean my registry after I uninstall a program.


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