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mIRC Portar

Guest idgadmin

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Guest idgadmin

Vilka portar i min router skall jag öppna för att dcc ska fungera i mIRC ??

Vet hur man öppnar portar vill bara vet vilka portar de är..


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Guest idgadmin

Detta fungerade för mig:

dcc behind router/switch



these are my settings for mirc to use dcc send & receive:


in the mIrc configuration options :

in connection options:

- Default server port : 6667

click on advanced button

check the 2 checkbox and in the textbox "Binds socket to ip" write your external ip adress.


in connection local info :

- check the local host checkbox

- select the radio button server


in DCC options :

- DCC port first : 1024, last 1026

that's open 3 port for dcc connections


That's all for the mIrc.


In the router :

in the virtual server page, i open these port :

59 tcp 59

113 tcp 113

6667 tcp 6667

1024 tcp 1024

1025 tcp 1025

1026 tcp 1026


"private port" "type" "public port"


And i put the private ip of my pc where i want to use irc.



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