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"Could not complete your request because of missin

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I run my Dell computer on Windows XP Home and when i try to start Adobe Photoshop, I get an error message "Could not complete your request because of missing or invalid personalization information".

I know that the installation worked fine, because I have done it on this computer before. But a few weeks ago I cleaned the harddrive empety and re-installed everything, but Photoshop didn't wont to be installed.

Please help me! Im desperate. I own my own website and like to create and edit pictures so it's higly importent that Photoshop works fine.


What should I do?! I saw soemthing about deleting or editing the

TLB-file "TypeLibrary" in main directory, or something about editning something in the regestry key.

Please help me! I'm grateful fore every answer!


The best regards

Mattias Tengmo


P.S. Skrev den här frågan till Adobe, därför e den på engelska, men jag orkade inte skriva om den här :D Men svara gärna på svenska


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