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IdePort0 har inte svarat

Guest idgadmin

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Guest idgadmin

Min hopplockade datorfryser ibland.

I systemloggen ser jag att Enhet\Device\IdePort0 har inte svarat inom den angivna tidgränsen. Händelse id 9.

Efter det kommer meddelande

Ett fel upptäcktes på enhet\Device\Harddisk0\D under en växlingsåtgärd. HändelseID 51

Jag har bytt minne och Hårddisk (liten disk kommer felet mer sällan), jag har kört "Hot cpu testet" från PCför alla CD:en 8-2003 (inga fel).

Innan jag packar ner moderkortet och skickar det på garantin rep.(jag antar att det är moderkortet som är trasigt), finns det något mer jag kan testa för att vara säker på att jag inte skickar tillbaka fel del.




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Guest idgadmin


byt ideplats på moderkrotet o se om problemet är kvar


annars kolla kabel

kolla så allt sitter rätt

sist..kolla om hdd:n är sönder!!!


lycka till



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Guest idgadmin

eftersom du tyvär kör med svenskt operativ system så är det svårare att felsöka...


men detta hittade jag...

error code 9


Source: atapi

Type: Error

Description: The device, \Ide\IdePort0, did not respond within the timeout period.


90% of these mean a poor quality CD (usually the custom recorded ones). Also you can check the cabling on the device named in the message. If the cabling is working satisfactorily and you continue to receive this message, run hardware diagnostics on the disk drive named and on its controller. You might have to contact the vendor of the device for technical support. See also Q154690 link below.


This event is common to many controllers. See event id 9 from adpu160m.


Device path: \Ide\IdePort1 - This error may be received if you have 2 cd-roms on the same ide channel with incorrect jumper settings. In my scenario, the cd-rom jumpers were set to cable select however the IDE cable did not support it. Configuring the jumpers to master/slave corrected this error.


error code 51


Source: Disk

Type: Warning

Description: An error was detected on device during a paging operation.


This event may appear if you have a Windows server booting from a Storage Area Network (SAN). See Q305547 for more detailed information.


From a newsgroup post: "If you have Intel's Application Accelerator installed this is what can cause the error. I have found that it is a false detection and it is nothing to you should worry about. I read it on Intel's web site. I get this error sometimes but it never causes any problems".


By changing startup type to Automatic for both Logical Disk Manager and Logical Disk Manager Administrative Service, I eliminated this Warning from my Windows XP Professional OS


According to Microsoft, this error can be hardware related. See the information provided for event 9 and 11


On a Windows 2000 server, this error could be caused when a process is taking a long time to process data on the partition that holds the page file. Processes like a scheduled virus scan on all partitions, a file backup procedure, or just by having the page file on a fragmented and heavily utilized partition that has little free space.


If the error only happens at the same time as one of the above scheduled tasks, you may not need to worry, as long as it goes away after the task is done and the page file returns to normal.


Check Microsoft articles Q123747 and Q197379 to learn more about page file and performance.




Dual P3 550mhz:1024mb RAM:GF2 32MB:win2000

Dual Ppro 200mhz:512mb RAM:8 SCSI:RAID5:SCOunix

AMD 1300mhz:512mb RAM:GF2 32MB:WXPpro... medmera


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