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Hur kör jag VBA i "makrodesign"-läget?


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Hur kan jag anropa en funktion i Access makrodesign? Jag vill alltså innan Avsluta (se bild) anropa EmptyClipboard.


Private Declare Function apiOpenClipboard Lib "User32" _
Alias "OpenClipboard" _
(ByVal hWnd As Long) _
As Long

Private Declare Function apiEmptyClipboard Lib "User32" _
Alias "EmptyClipboard" _
() As Long

Private Declare Function apiCloseClipboard Lib "User32" _
Alias "CloseClipboard" _
() As Long

Function EmptyClipboard()
' för att kunna anropa EmptyClipboard för att tömma urklipp.

If apiOpenClipboard(0&) <> 0 Then
Call apiEmptyClipboard
Call apiCloseClipboard
End If

End Function





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