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Nokia 9210


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Nokia has today unveiled the world's first integrated mobile multimedia

device for all mobile professionals, for their corporate and personal use

alike. Nokia 9210 Communicator brings the mobile multimedia experience in

full color for the first time to GSM markets. The new Nokia 9210

Communicator was announced in conjunction with the Nokia Mobile Internet

Conference in Prague, Czech Republic, and at the same time in a virtual

launch on the Internet. The Nokia 9210 Communicator is expected to be

available during the first half of 2001.


The Nokia 9210 Communicator is a dual band EGSM900/1800 integrated full

service mobile communications terminal combining phone, fax, email,

calendar, imaging, WAP and WWW. Support for the most commonly used PC office

applications makes it possible to create Microsoft Word and Excel documents

and view PowerPoint slides. A standard memory card of 16 MB extends the

memory for installing new applications. The new communicator is also the

world's first SyncML enabled product, making it easy to remotely synchronize

calendar, contacts and to-do lists. Desk and background images can be fully

customized according to individual tastes. The Web browser supports frames

and Java applets. Wireless imaging enables users to save memorable moments

in a personal photo album.


Functioning on Symbian's EPOC operating system with PersonalJava support,

the Nokia 9210 Communicator allows an unlimited number of third-party

software solutions, ranging from corporate applications to entertainment



"With the Nokia 9210 Communicator we are taking a major step forward in the

road to the Mobile Internet environment. This pioneering product showcases

the key elements in future mobile communications, such as easy navigation

and input, a high-quality color display, mobile messaging with high data

speed, imaging and video clips. Additionally, Java support and Symbian's

EPOC operating system bring open development interfaces to the Nokia 9210

Communicator for numerous additional applications to be provided by any

third party developers," said Anssi Vanjoki, Executive Vice President, Nokia

Mobile Phones.


The sales and production of Nokia 9110i Communicator continues normally. In

future GEOS developer support is given through Nokia Communicator Discussion

Board. Please visit our developer section to get the latest information

which Nokia has to offer in Symbian and SyncML. Everytime we have something

new to offer for our developer in the field of Symbian and SyncML you will

find it in www.forum.nokia.com.

Please see more information: http://www.nokia.com and


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Lite mer 9210 och mycket Symbian från The Register:




Har de rätt i hälften av sina gissningar kan nästa år bli riktigt roligt...


Lite om Epoc R6: http://www.infosync.no/en/news/visnyhet.asp?Link=2


Åsså lite Psionporr som avslutning: http://wapland.no/art/1204.html




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