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Problem med audio drivers


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Hallå... Har försökt installera winamp men det kommer upp en popup som säger: Bad Directsound driver. Error code: 88780078

Vad ska jag göra?


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1. Winamp

2. Ctrl+P (for preferences)

3. Plug-ins > Output

4. double click 'DirectSound output'

5. Driver tab

6. make sure the device in the drop-down list correctly reflects your soundcard


Further DirectSound config tweaks....





1. Control Panel

2. Sounds & Audio Devices icon (or MultiMedia Icon)

3. Audio tab

4. in 'Sound playback' make sure the 'Default device:' drop-down box correctly reflects your soundcard


Although it's not necessary, close down Winamp, Windows and reboot the computer after making any of the above changes.



No dice? Make sure the sound drivers and/or DirectX are up to date.


Still no dice? Please post a reply with system specs.



Den som uppfann arbetet måste inte ha haft någonting att göra.


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