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His Divine Shadow

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His Divine Shadow

NGHGNHGGHGHG I´m so happy...


3D Studio MAX for free


The PC's, and just possibly the whole world's, most expensive 3D modelling package? For free? Is Autodesk trying to put the software pirates out of business or something? Nope, there's a simple explanation, but a surprising one.


This free, cut-down version of 3D Studio MAX is for game players. It's for making 3D models for Quake III, airports for Microsoft's Flight Simulator, and the like.


What a brilliant idea. Half the world's Mod makers are probably using illegal full versions of 3D Studio MAX already, so it's not as if Autodesk is going to lose any money on the deal. In fact, it should make some money, by licensing the development rights of the cut-down version to game developers. The ability to customise today's Quakes and Half-Lifes has massively extended their shelf-life, so it's in the developer's interest to make this as easy as possible. Why did you think Half-Life shipped with its own level designer?


3D Studio gMAX, as it's being called, is being developed by Discreet, a division of Autodesk. You can read the full press release here, but you'll need an Adobe Acrobat reader to read it. (Why do corporations still insist in using that tatty format?)

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