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System Administrator 'lock-out' from Outlook 2000


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When starting Outlook (15-20sec) this message apears



OUTLOOK.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. You will need to restart program.


Restarting the program just results in a repeat of the above.

Attemps of repairing from instalation disc, about 20sec after initilisation, are met with



! The system administrator has set policies to prevent this instalation.


I don't know anything about these policies.


I have run a reistallation of windows 2000 prof with no effect. No virus etc has been detected.





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I’ll found a few links on Google that contains your error message, attaching my search link from Google.




Are you logged on as an administrator or just as a user?

You may have to be logged on as an administrator to fix this problem.


On of the links in my search string is from Microsoft support and may contain the information you seek.




Excuse my English, it has never been my strong subject.




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