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  1. Hoppas det går bra med engelska: "Download one of the many available Linux distributions with the “Live CD” feature. If you are a newb I’d recommend Ubuntu since at this time it seems to be the most user friendly. Burn a CD or install it on a pen drive. Reboot your machine with the media in it’s drive. You will be given several options. Choose “Try (name of distribution) without making any changes to your computer.” This will run a fully functional Linux OS from system memory and writes nothing to the HD unless you ask it to. Don’t choose any of the “Install” options unless you are ready to say goodbye to your windows installation. Once you have a working desktop (a minute or two depending on your hardware) you will be able to navigate to all of the drives and file systems on the machine! " Med exempelvis ubuntu kan du alltså kopiera de filer du vill spara och sedan installera om windows
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